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lyric request for 6 foot 7 foot freestyle!
somebody post the lyrics plz
I know alot of these are wrong, i did it by ear and had to write everything down right now. Tried my best

Shoe gang... Firing squad the album. March 22nd. Damn, everybody rapped on this beat, didn't they? But they didn't do it like this! Lets get it.

Ssut ssutt... male prostitute, fuck you, pay me. I'm Jay-Z, I'm shady, plus two piecey.
Every time you see me I be throwin a fit, I mean throwin up-set, yup, throwin up my clique
I'll rest in peace you, Longbeach is resident evil, I'm D-bow when I'm wreckin, step to ya session with my weapon mijo
I'm the son of nino and Cleo i guess im Neo the one
To set it off I snipe with desert eagles.
I spit the craziest dangerous gangsterous shit
then I mix it with that slang that'll strangle and mangle ya clique
Niggas'll get tangled, caught in my cross hairs
We fly as LAX, so call us lacrosse players
Alright, I'm nice with the flow but i got a mean swagger still, cause my jeans got a sag like the green actors guild
I'm drunk, guzzlin vodka, fuck sluts with knockers, slug gun'll pop ya
Choppas, Guillotine, your middle fingers stuck
The coppas other hand got four fingers up
give the middle a little twist like the young money rosta
school of hard knocks, ben franklin had to teach me math,
rap game taught me public enemy was my p.e. class
im on every street in longbeach guap chasin
catch me spendin money on willow like roc nation
that rhyme was strictly for my LB fam
Peace to DC game, my nigga LB Bam (?)

Sick as pullin a minor,
sickest for hire
We can go toe to toe ima be the only survivor
On the internet, i slay niggas dead
you couldnt hang on the web if your name was toby mccguire
we controllin shit like the roman empire, Warriors
Not roamin yo, we roamin with iron
You niggas thats old should retire
Or test my flow and expire
Ya'll so washed up you should be thrown in the dryer
The last nigga to pop shit, the magnum shot his face,
the faggot dropped in place, body in a cat-atomic state
I turn ur frame into trash, at atomic waste
a savage giant, half Bionic, half psychotic ape

My flows openin doors so nigga you can call it a key
its hella dope so once again you can call it a key
Lil nigga but my bitch i'm taller than she
but shes all ass so whenwe she sit down she look taller than me
my spittin's sadistic, vicious, twisted demonic,
my writtens are as sick as sippin on a picture of vomit
niggas get broken quick as the emptiest promise
You niggas was born yellow like yall were stricken with jondis(?)
im mindless, blindly aimin the things
yall talkin like you wanna get shot so im aimin to please
a stand up nigga, grind while you layin down,
I stay on my toes cus i cant stand layin down

Ok, Pistol to ya wack rappers claimin' that ya hip hop
is that so, then that blow
your hip off, now you hop
im comin straight raw like im out the gutter like a bowlin bowl
of course you hear the sound of thunder
When the ak ignite,
i split a drown of sunder
I put the A to you losers like lupe's album cover
every line i pin is a sign of emminence, poly syllabic rhymin, you wanna study the lines of sentences, I'ma show guys the rhymin syllabus
I'm like castle with the ball, I mean the pound shootin
Yeah our shits bout to drop, call it bowel movement
If i hold her head, i'll screw her
I Just fucked bruce willis's daughter, had her legs open im known to spread a rumor

Fuck with me and really ball when you fall
Had money before you dropped, you be broke when you come to
Punk you, im on these bitches head like horse hair
No such thing as a fair ware, theres only warfare
Metro pcs my lines are unlimited, spotless, they unblemished, and cant none mimic it, stop it,
You punks feminine, im brolic with the things

I'm red bull my shot'll give you wings
my flow is electric, damn edison
yours funny mines on the money like dead presidents
vicious is everything ya bro utters,
My sword sharp, yours not so the flow cant cut it

We don't mix like cain and abel,
I cain abel bodied people
Im able to body people when i aim the mojave eagle
Ay, what time is it? wait its time to eat you.
cus its 8. im scrapin my plate, the dama sequel
Ahead of my time with rhymin, u dudes are behind a year
the mayans were lyin because im the future and im still here
im the year 2020 you viewin me bright and clear
Im only a stereotype cus im a pioneer
i got the criminal flow cus yo my flow is stealin the show
Stealin ur shine combined with stealin ur dime
my rhymes are stealinn ur ho
she got the doggy, im finna nail,
that mean nail that ass, call it pin the tail
We the firing squad, we a violent mob
Killas for pay, even hitmen the COB
I'm a tyrant im tired of frauds, im tyin ya broad to a hydrogen bomb
Black hoody with the iron inside
I gotta kill mcs before the day is over.
its my job to kill dudes just to make quota
Ill kill you, swallow lames like your names Jonah
no alcohol, you take shots your brain hang over
Ya call, it's Nothin for me to fire the heckla
You want war, im on board, ryan sheckler
Reverse atheist, god don't believe in ya'll
Cob goin be leavin ya'll


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