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anybody wanna share your best metaphors
i noticed this is the area to share your writing skills etc but nobody does so lets post our lines n verses in this thread, i know you cant fully comprehend the flow of lyrics in text but you can just post your metaphors or whatever, motivate eachother to upload our raps to youtube
im going down...basement

lets warm it up real quick...microwave

i make rappers cry...onions

More to come soon #OKBYE
take a girls virginity and make her a sore loser
i also posted this on here a few months ago and im bout 2 upload another 1
When I live in everyones heart, then I'll be home.

^personal fave. but the killbots be killin it, check our music videos.
get hit in the head when im sprayin tha toast.
all my good friends dead so i play with the ghosts
I get master degree burns,
After a heat stroke of genius
damn this cracka good, he mashin serious
and he bust at all times fuck refraction periods

Da Prodigy hold shift on period yo favorite rapper

you couldnt do what i do if u were my own reflection

im loud like thunder in spring
the only way u gettin fly is if u under my wing i got bars for days
When I'm mad no body better get at me
Its ironic but when I'm upset
My triggers always happy

I'm a lyrical genius
Your girls on my penis
She's missing her chromosomes
In other words she's gene (jean)less

For funds your body can be buried in the sand
Kill two birds with one stone
That means ill rock you and your man
on the streets they tried to kill me but I wasn't havin that
Because i pushed them bullets back like i push my albums back

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