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Hip-Hop Concert Alone?
I'm going to an Immortal Technique concert next week, it seems like i'm gonna have to go alone. I recently moved to the big city and i dont know anyone yet. I bought the ticket about a month ago hoping i would find somone to go with but i haven't. Should i still go? I'm not gonna lie, i'm slightly concerned about being downtown alone, i'm not trying to get jumped or fucked with by people.
509, you seem like a cool dude, how about we make a pay for my ticket to wherever this concert is and I'll gladly join you (no homo) Smile
what city is  it at?  solo dolo is cool,  it depeneds how comfortable you are with your self i guess,    some places i find it awkward so i don't try it  like  going to the movies my self, even tho you really don't talk to your friends because you are watching movie some people say its great, maybe ill try it some day lol    but most of the time its normal to go solo,  but also it depends on where you at  too,  some people are just cool as fuck like so o chill they don't care while others you can smell they are out to cause trouble,  but if its an IT concert i bet people there will be  decent.
101dhs: Thanks homie! I appreciate the support. Hahaha let's make another compromise, you buy your ticket and i'll drive. Lol!

J.P.: The show is in Seattle. I definetly feel you about the self confidence thing, i like to think that i'm a pretty cool dude who can get along with people so i should be alright. I just know that IT probably has some pretty crazy fans and i'm just not trying to end up in a fucked up situation where i have to face some bullshit alone. I guess there will sort of a natural bond between everybody since we all listen to Immortal Technique. I guess we'll see how it goes.
LOL, tbh, it'll probably bw cheaper for you to buy the ticket then drive me there lol. When is this concert btw? Seattle is not too far from me but now is like the worst time for me (finals are coming up with shit loads of info to be learnt!). And to stay on topic... Imo it shouldnt be bad, generally most people are chill as long as you dont give off a hostile vibe haha, but then again I live in Canada lulz. I don't know how most people are in the States, but if everyone is like that one time I semi got lost in the states (long story, maybe ill share it here one day), the most will happen is people mean mugging you
Does Crooked ever plan to do any concert in San Diego anytime soon???
yo 509 whens the concert imma be up in the seattle area and my friend lives there, ill be there the 1st-4th let me know
I never really roll to concerts alone. Usually go with a few people or meet up with people from the forum (if it's SH/Budden related, strange, I know, lol). Anyway, I don't think there's too much reason to be concerned. I mean, if you are just going to enjoy the music, you should be fine. Some people look for trouble at shows, but if you are just doing your own thing, don't see why anyone would mess with you. All of my shows have actually been positive experiences regardless. Sometimes you meet cool people at shows too that are there solo. You'll have a good time. Don't sweat it.
I moved to a big city too and I have been in the same situation as you. I know I kinda sucks being by yourself but my love for hip hop over powered my hate for being lonely lol.
ogtripleg87: November 30th bro (Wednesday night) If it was one day later it would be perfect timing huh?

EFFeX: Yeah i feel you, i have a couple friends that go to school on the other side of the state and they bump Immortal Technique, it's just not good timing so they can't come. I'm definetly just trying to go and enjoy myself then maybe stay after if IT is planning on coming out and kickin it with the fans. I think you're right, everything should be alright.

101dhs: I know how that goes homie, i'm in college myself right now. I have finals the next morning after the show so i'm hoping i can manage to get a few hours of sleep that night. If i was smart i would stay home and study but i'm gonna be dumb and hope for the best. Haha i'd be interested to hear your story about getting lost. I might end up getting lost to, i dont know the downtown Seattle area as much as i would like.

ThaHolyChronic: I'm glad to see someone else knows my situation, it sucks. I've always been a loner but i always had my boys or my girl to kick it with when i felt like i wanted to do something. Now that i have no one around me i just kick it at home, it's given me a great oppurtunity to watch some great movies and listen to some great albums though. Haha just tryin to stay productive.

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