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Slim The Mobster - Gunplay (Komplex Remix)
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Slim The Mobster - Gunplay (Graysoundz Remix)
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Slim The Mobster - Gunplay (Komplex Remix v.s. Graysoundz Remix)
As you may or may not know Treacherous Records producer Komplex & producer Graysoundz from Portland's C.O.B. Chapter have each produced a remix for Slim The Mobster's contest, I kinda wanna know which is better among us. I personally like Graysoundz version more.

Streams & Downloads

Slim The Mobster - Gunplay (Komplex Remix) http://soundcloud.com/kompo818/slim-the-mobster-gunplay

Slim The Mobster - Gunplay (Graysoundz Remix) http://soundcloud.com/graysoundz/slim-th...er-gunplay

Here's the mixtape the track appears on: Courtesy of DubCNN

Slim The Mobster - War Music (Mixtape) http://www.dubcnn.com/mixtapes/slimthemobster-warmusic/
Yo where is that komplex remix!! i can't find it anywhere.. used to bump it all the time Sad

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