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Jim Gittum and Crooked I
Just been listening to Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug and it just reminded me of his production. Was it actually produced by him?  My favourite era of Crooked's music was back when they used to work together all the time in the Dynasty days and wish they would hook up again. Would love to hear some Jim Gittum beats on MDS!

Not too sure if this is the right section btw, is Jim Gittum affiliated with C.O.B.? I know he has his own label Hell No Inc. and got involved in Christian music.
he hates crooked now because crooked and SH just did that song "the devils got a hold of me"
I don't really know what happened to him but yea I really liked there chemistry, same with Darren Vegas
Jim Gittum is an incredible producer and I think he has great chemistry with Crooked. I hope we get more songs from those two together soon...really been missing it.
it's almost like he was Crooked's Johnny "J"
he was credited on Firing Squad for doing Ode to the slums,  but that track coudl've been made years prior so who knows when he parted ways with cob.  but yeah would like to see him link up with crook again.

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