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Fast & Furious
aight well just got back. gotta say TWO THUMBS UP!! that movie was great, the effects, the story, Vin was amazing. paul walker was ok, haha the best he could do. fuuckin Tego Calderon and Don Omar made small appearances. so i encourage everyone to go see it, definitely the best outta them
I've seen the other ones, but they were never favorites of mine, but always were worth checking out at least once. So this is the best one?
idk the first one got me into the tuning scene other two were just garbage but this one looks promising plus you cant beat that supra from the end of the first one the paint was horrible with the graphics but the 2jzgte engine is a monster!!
naw this was DEFINITELY the greatest out of all them. great music, was a very decent story for one of these movies. i paid $7.00 and it was worth every cent, it wouldnt have bothered me if it were 10 bucks. 
nice well im putting it on my list
Thanks for the review without spoiling it.  I really want to see this one.  Hopefully I can get to the theatres
Good to hear, I'm gonna go see it soon.

That Skyline in #2 was the best though.
(04-06-2009, 11:33 AM)alphabet link Wrote: That Skyline in #2 was the best though.
yea that r34 is sick looked clean

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