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Iceman Mixtapes
Iceman has countless mixtapes but i only have Headphone Music 1, Headphone Music 2, and Beyond The Boards. I remember there was a picture on his Myspace page that had all his mixtapes. Does anyone have those mixtapes? I'm trying to get all his old material. Hopefully he sees this post or someone could hit him up on Twitter.

Here's the picture...
I think one time I asked him to post up Midnight Session and he said he might. He probably forgot, it was a long time ago. Have to ask again. I mean, the work is older, so if he didn't want to post it, I understand, but we've heard Iceman spit from that era and he was still nice.
Yeah i remember that as well, he mentioned he would post it. He definetly has improved alot since those days but i have no doubt the material is still quality. If you have a second, hit him up on Twitter and see what he says about it.
My bad, I kno I u go

Your the man! Thanks bro.
Hell yeah! Thanks Iceman! I've been wantin' to hear this one for a minute.
lol thanks... dont get your hopes up, its kinda weak lol
(12-24-2011, 05:23 PM)iceman7270 link Wrote:lol thanks... dont get your hopes up, its kinda weak lol

Ahh it's all good bro. Track 15 alone is worth it, ha ha. That's my joint.
I don't think it's weak at all, you get better with every project though. Headphone Music 1 & 2 were both ill then Beyond The Boards came out and i had that in constant rotation for months. You were talkin' about alot of shit that i could relate to on that project. Keep doin' your thing Iceman!

Yeah EFFeX Track 15 is ill! I remember seeing that video on YouTube like 2 years ago! Haha i've always liked that track.

This isn't a big deal at all if you can't get to it, but is there anyway you could post the tracklist for Midnight Session? It's not a big deal just thought i'd ask. It's nice to have the name of the tracks on the iPod.

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