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Joell Ortiz Request
hey does anyone have a link to the full version of joell ortiz- they reminice over you????

much thanks if you do...

That is the full version. It's just a short freestyle, it's not meant to be a proper song.
ahh yeha fair enough thanks anyway, i notice it says in the "album section" of that song in my media player it says joell ortiz covers the classics, is that n actual album or just the one song??
It's a mixtape he's got coming out in a few weeks. "Covering The Classics" means he's going to be doing freestyles over classic hip hop beats, therefore he could not put them on an album.

Pete Rock & C.L Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) from the classic album "Mecca & The Soul Brother"


One of my all time favorite beats, never ever gets old.
Haha...would never have guessed the "troy" beat was an acronym...was gunna ask in the Jackin beats 09 thread but forgot but I got my answer it seems unless there's another beat referred to as troy
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