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Trix feat. Iceman & Patrice - "Take It And Run"

Quote:Ever since we introduced readers to the Circle of Bosses' Iceman, he has in turn introduced us to some promising up-and-coming emcees as well. In our latest news update, we'd like to showcase the work of one such artist.

Pacoima, California's Trix is not only a talented rapper, but owner of the Lyricist Lounge studio, an engineer, cinematographer and photographer. Recently, the upcoming artist released his new mixtape The Blue Pill and we have a cut from the project that readers can now preview. The record Take It And Run, which features an appearance by Iceman and Patrice, is a heartfelt track that demonstrates Trix's versatility and relatable story. We ask that everyone shows support and checks out the track by using our embedded music player.

If you are interested in learning more about Trix, please visit his official Twitter account. Additionally, please be sure to use the link included below to obtain a full copy of his new mixtape.

Download / Stream:

I thought we weren't doing features anymore?

Also, dope track good looking out.
(01-28-2012, 04:24 PM)Hood R.A.T. link Wrote:I thought we weren't doing features anymore?

Also, dope track good looking out.

I don't normally post features outside of COB/Treacherous (and that's for several reasons), but I am posting this as a favor to both Iceman and Trix. Not to mention I'm feeling his music. If you like the joint, please check out his mixtape!
This is definetly a nice joint, might have to check out the mixtape.

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