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Loser Lyrics
Kenny killed this. Wale and Ross did they thing on this beat so for Kenny to top it off and make me completely forget about the original smh. I did have some troubles tho in some lines so anyone that can help, 'preciate it.

I was raised with no public schoolin
just the side of my mother, havin to suffer threw it
but pursuing, but nothing doing,
its fucking grueling watching the world ??? through it
while you basically still fucking drooling,
not old enough to do anything about it
picture being doubted by everyone
you never see them around and when your sinking and drowning and the never come
but you stay above water and manage to stay afloat
until its your reign, you making niggas get rain coats
some of you niggas ships got too many dang holes
yall gone sink, we gon sail, we aint in the same boat
thats one lesson you should learn yourself
if your in love with butter, learn to charm yourself
the man thats born rich is most likely happy
but not as happy as the nigga that earned his wealth
my life aint the same as yours, i remember as a baby boy
slumbered on the pavement floor without eating for a day or more
with me you can make it far, we aint dippin in the same honda
nigga we aint on the same accord, what you think im crazy for?
my goal is to always make more money then the day before
fuck you pay me then, fuck you pay me more

i was blessed with the passion to fight
im taking shit, i aint asking polite
rude nigga, rude nigga, rude nigga
i aint never had class in my life
nah i dont plan on getting a scholarship
i had other problems, shit
like coming up with cash for the life
while you niggas, was a school nigga
thats true nigga
i never stepped inside a classroom in life
this cats ruined right

i rap like i been to Harvard, but i been retarded
my dreams been discarded before kindergarten
i aint neva went to school homie,
seem like my life has been the hardest and im just getting started
i aint neva finna loose homie
when ever im in the booth, the comparison i tend to hard it
my tens are hard and it aint arrogant, i gets it in the hardest
when im in these parties, im a wearapist?
so bitches win the hardest whenever im in the room homie
but aint nobody toss me a bone when i was walking n roamin
exhausted and homeless, now they see the wheel circle of bosses in motion
they all finish dozin, get off of our trojans
dont pretend to be a friend of me mawafaka you kidding me
mentally im off with no on switch
for you i cant find the time, in fact i need time to find me cause im lost in the moment
off in the corner feeling like im here alone thanks to my beer and bone
even tho im here, im gone,
no disrespect my nigga but aint here to get along
but you aint get on phones watchu you want in my zone
in the corner scribbling the weirdest poems that coulda been somewhere in songs
instead they put here on songs
every beat that I get up on, i spit up on, im just tryna make shit that shit is known

nice job

i been real busy these days, cant even get around to doin the lyrics for the last couple tracks on GMC lol

too many bars right now to type out atm lol but ima try and get some up

corrections so far: churn yourself, not charm
This song is too ill, been bumping Ambitions AZ A Writer since it dropped, Get the mixtape! COB

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