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COB Cypher - Demetrius Capone's verse
Posted a request for this as I can't see it anywhere but thought I'd work on it myself. Only got the Capone's verse done so far, if anyone wants to contribute then feel free.

[Demetrius Capone]

My heart is on the left, cos nigga I rep the west
My freshness so turned up, I'm fresh to death
Like killing a fly with air freshener, I'm fly & fresh to death
Then I'm finna exit wit' your ex and her BF to F
This the Dodger hat, uh, rocking a stocking cap, uh
Stomp a nigga out in a lobby like Pac after that boxing match
Then I'm finna menage with twins, get a massage and then hit 'em again
then I'll be back, killing each twin sister's pussy, damn I'm a copycat
killer, nigga, this is thug shit
I got the bird flu, that mean my duck sick
I tell you like I told this one chick who didn't want long dick
in her stomach, I'm the wrong nigga to fuck with
My hands are tied but not tied up, I mean my hands both draw
like they tied up, kick me out the mile high club
I don't give a flying fuck, I'll choke your kid and call it a high hug

If I've got anything wrong let me know.
with the amount of smoke that my lungs intake
i could turn the sky cloudy from a sunny day
iced out, we the reason cali the sunny state
question where do i get off? answer on ur hunnys face.
Beat it nigga runaway, ur about sweet as a funnel cake,
thats y i neva put my gun away, n imma bout fed up as a runaway
in the 6 i might be low, im cold as 6 below, the minute my 6, below ill put u 6 below!
we aint quite the same...


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