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The Doobie Brothas - "The W"

Quote:Sauce Tha Boss and Big Phote, also known as The Doobie Brothas, have been working overtime in preparation for the release of their mixtape. While fans await the project's arrival, the group has unleashed a brand new slapper.

The Doobie Brothas have announced that they are planning on releasing a brand new track from their upcoming mixtape every day until it's release. The first track from the new "series" is titled The W and serves as an anthem for both The Doobie Brothas and the Left Coast. We ask that everyone checks out this banger by using the link included below.

If you are interested in learning more about The Doobie Brothas, make sure to follow the group on their official Twitter page. Additionally, please be sure to visit the "related" link to purchase official Doobie Brothas merchandise.

Fucking dope!!

Their best track yet.
I'm kind of looking forward to their mixtape after hearing this track!

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