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Corte Ellis / Slaughterhouse - Money On The Floor (Remix)
umm length of crooked is verse = problem, and to eb honesty it was a crap verse compared to his standards.

i wont be downloading this
Lmao, that was TERRIBLE, ain't no way around it.
This song totally contradicts what Slaughterhouse claims they stand for and how they want to bring "hip-hop" back. Though I understand hardcore/gangsta rap isn't the only type of hip-hop in the music world, if you are going to download a track with these 4 MC's, you definitely don't want to hear trash like this. This is the type of song that will shy people away from Slaughterhouse. Just imagine showing off tracks like Slaughterhouse, Onslaught, Fight Club, Move On Remix, Wack MCs, then all of a sudden the next track is this Money On The Floor Remix, the listeners who haven't been following Slaughterhouse will automatically let out a very long sigh. If Slaughterhouse is trying to appeal to the commercial fan base, they should do a track with Lil Wayne or a track with T-Pain on the hook, because those two niggas are the only dudes who are going to get Slaughterhouse radio spins at the moment. Not Corte Ellis.
I mean, in all fairness it's not Slaughterhouse's song, it's Corte Ellis' song, but even still it's very random.
i dont like it my only problem with it is though the chourous goin for longer then all of their versuses
(04-13-2009, 09:01 PM)beagle link Wrote: i dont like it my only problem with it is though the chourous goin for longer then all of their versuses

Well, it's like I said, it's Corte's song so you would only assume he'd get more air time, but yeah I'm not a huge fan of this song.
I really don't mind it, IDK, it's not like I like it that much, But I don't dislike it, when I listen to it tho, I hear a catchy hook and 4 verses from artists I like, I guess after the first listen I got that it wasn't a slaughterhouse song for the fans as much as a way to try and branch out/get paid and IDK to me it wasn't THAT bad, it's just nothing stands out no rhymes that you remember and make you want to listen to the song...if Crooks verse was a lil long I think I would of liked it more, I think I also like it because recently I have been a lil more picky in the content of the music Im listening to and I can always listen to a Crook song no matter what he's saying but Im growing away from the tracks that are "street" I like a song I can relate to so this song while isn't great lyrically has a catchy hook, a theme and no one is trying to sound hard on the song if you know what I mean

I guess the main point of this post is just to show the diversity in Crooks fans(then again I don't really feel the song either)

The song really only gets a couple spins a day and I listen to the same 10-15 tracks a day so it really isn't getting much play, but I like it enough to give it a little attention
 Defective Crooked I Robot
just wish they would have torn it up lyrically sounds like they all were average.
Its something random and different but still keeps them out there and trying new shit. I can live with it.
Is it just the track I downloaded or does everyones cut out towards the end of the track when the chorus is playing?? Just doesnt seem full.

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