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anyone else with an android phone?
so i just bought a new first smartphone.i got the droid razr,phone is sick.any games,apps,themes,roms,or just flat out anything i should know?

i already rooted so i know all about all that....
as far as games go, Angry Birds & Draw Something are addicting as fuck.

and to be honest I never found any good apps for hip hop news, since they're all focused on mainstream hip hop, so maybe someone can develop one focused C.O.B. Any developers on the forum?

Though if you like video games, grab the G4 & IGN apps (as G4 has better reviews, and IGN has a list of upcoming games with release dates),

the Twitter app through is a must (if you have one), but for some strange reason it doesn't come standard on android phones, but it's a free download through Google Play

a ZIP/RAR unpacker is a must have app, if you wanna download them mixtapes on the go and not wait till you have access to actually listen to them (out of the 3 I've used ArchiDroid, user-friendly, unpacks all the popular archiving formats, no ads, and it's free)

also be sure to get a battery percentage widget/app so you'll always know how much juice is left in your battery (My fave is the Gauge Battery Widget, it shows a percentage and has a cool fuel gauge theme to it, it has a free and a paid version, only difference is in the can fully customize the color the fuel gauge, while in the free version you can only choose through pre-set themes)

I always try to keep my screen dimmed, that backlight takes up a shit load of power

Always check out the permissions for apps before downloading

BTW: I'm sorry I didn't get to this sooner.

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