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Official KareLezz "Annunaki" Thread (Now Available)

[Image: annunaki_cover_art.jpg]

Quote:Back in 2009, we introduced B.O.S.S. Board readers to a talented up-and-coming artist from the Circle of Bosses crew named KareLezz. Ever since that time, we have followed his career and he is now celebrating the release of his new album.

KareLezz's new album Annunaki is now available for purchase through iTunes. The twelve track album features deeply conceptual music from beginning to end that is sure to captivate listeners. KareLezz put his heart and soul into this project and we ask that everyone shows their support by making a purchase using the link included below.

If you are interested in learning more about KareLezz and his music, he can be followed through Twitter. As usual, we ask that readers continue to visit The B.O.S.S. Board for additional C.O.B. related news updates.

Track List

1- Intro - (SIRI Skit)
2- Open Book (Feat. Kree Produced by J-Trax)
3- Open The Sky (Feat. Augustus The Mac, DEF-K, and Dianna Parro, produced by Siyam)
4- Interlude (SIRI intro to Cancelled)
5- Cancelled (Feat. Bad Azz, Osama Bin Rappin, and Kree, produced by Token)
6- Burn (Feat. Tim West, produced by J-Trax)
7- Walking On Air (Feat. Sho Nuff, and Bad Azz, produced by XL Middleton)
8- Interlude 2 (SIRI giving directions)
9- Signs (Feat. Tha Locust, Advice, and Lolah Joe, produced by J-Trax)
10- Clones (Feat.Osama Bin Rappin and B Newz, produced by Uh Oh)
11- Silent War (Feat. Blaq Widoe, produced by DJ Honda)
12- Outro (SIRI skit feat. Bad Azz)

=ANNUNAKI= 4/20/12 $$UTT $$UTT =COB=

Its almost here ya'll! Get at me!
Don't sleep on this!
Karelezz is a fucking dope MC. Flawless story teller (pause if you will)

Need a download link asap Effex.
(03-29-2012, 02:21 PM)OttawaCOB link Wrote:Karelezz is a fucking dope MC. Flawless story teller (pause if you will)

Need a download link asap Effex.

I was asked by KareLezz for no download until the project drops. Sorry man.
Karelezz is to dope. Cant wait for the project.
(03-30-2012, 07:30 PM)509 Finest link Wrote:Karelezz is to dope. Cant wait for the project.

It's going to be really good man, trust me.
KareLezz revealed the cover to the Annunaki album today, check it out!

[Image: annunaki_cover_art.jpg]
Thats a pretty sick cover, definetly anticipating this project.
Karelezz just announced through twitter that this project will be pushed back to May

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