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Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - SkillStillAppeal Lyrics
SkillStillAppeal Lyrics HSG

[Julius Luciano]
Im an ecliptic picture painter, when entertainer’s center stage
Then I play the press the digits hater
Im freshness in the flesh, you just project the image
On television, that just a freshness simulator
I can test you imitators, I aint jokin, Im explosive without writing
A grenade no pin, you aint gon win
You see that no vacancy sign on the mic nigga, you cant go in
I jack words quicker than an experts dinographer??
I player on the west, im a western philosopher
Profess Ima conqueror, you could be a ruler
Cuz rulers truly too small to measure kilometers
Don’t think that you a threat cause you’re popular
You thought the heckler wouldn’t catch yeah
Heckler just caught you uh
Talk of the town, now everybody know I bust hard
Like I just had sex with a gossiper
Should I stop it no, Stro said attack this shit
Razor sharp diction, spectacular acumen
The raps I kicks on some Bruce, Jet or Jackie shit
Full Metal Jacket hit your cap, its no accident
Call my strap and click the relaxer, kick
Permanent naps, take a permanent nap, collapse your clique
Im a mack and pimp, tell a tramp to lick
My third leg, my anatomy is anatomically inaccurate

[Kenny Siegel]
Barbarian even though I apeear as very distinguished
Your squad should hare and just scurry
If their scary or squeamish
Young nigga inside of your niece, I bury the penis
Im arrogant with various reasons
That’s why they cant stand me like im paraplegic
I don’t fuck with  snakes im no charmer
But I fuck with animals, like farmers
We can box on sight, when I see you put your arms up
When you come around, we can go around, like karma
And this dude can jab like he judo??
Im the future, you the past
I got more hot shit than a looter has
I aint callin you bitches gold diggers
But I screwed and bagged many tens
And doe’s a problem, you do the math
Role reversal, when the cameras on me this dude’ll snap
Like house arrest Im confined to the pad
And pen, we’ll let a few strays fly bitch
When we draw like we’re on some two-way tie shit
Im fairly twisted, but listen im very trenched??
You can see my intellect’s bright enough to impair your vision
I don’t have a heart, you don’t have heart, theres a difference
Gimme any beat I’ll go in as if theres an entrance
I’ll mangle a chump, just for approachin me
Treat em like rosaries, get bagged and placed in the trunk
I’ll leave you faceless when im blazin a blunt
I’ll blow your dome across the street, now you in two places at once

[Demetrius Capone]
I’m Tony Montana, Soprano
Michael Angelo slash Commando
And Van Gogh, Im drawin and blammin the ammo
Hotter than Atlanta with that hammer
Bandana the handle that man’ll manhandle the candle
Roman, im blowin a hole in your flannel
The best rapper’s head is a trophy over the mantle
Dope notes, my flow is known as piano
Keys, crack music abuse it if you can stand to
Ruhh- I slang dope selling dope slang
Venomous cocaine, my notebook is the dope game
Nigga don’t play, with Capone its no game
Trigga blow brains, like your main ho and your old flame
You disrespecting my space, im with your ex and
Im molestin her face, I spray like a heckler and K
Go over your head like a straighter??
Bloaw- blow your mind wont you catch what I say
Yeah, it gets darker and darker
When I carve my pick sharper and sharper
The stalker is chalkin the sidewalk
Yall get picked off when I slaughter
Holy G shit, like im crip walkin on water
Nigga shit talk, niggas get tossed in the harbor
Amber alert, this nigga skid off with your daughter
Tell Candace to park her ass in the Charger
Los Angeles sparks will fly when I charm her

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