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Brento Brown feat. Joe Budden & Jaiden - "A Chick Named Hip Hop
New Joe Budden feature if anyone is interested...
Not that it really matters but it's "music" not "hip-hop".

It's played out talking about music as a girl, add some weak synthy beat, generic singing on the hook and some average verses. Apart from that it's dope though.
(06-26-2012, 04:31 PM)Coppin Overpriced Bottles link Wrote:Not that it really matters but it's "music" not "hip-hop".



k,now that thats out of the way.nice track..joe joins in on a track that suits him what the dude does,introspective tracks.joes gotta be one of the most heart loose spitters ever.always puts his heart on the wire. (reminds me a modern day tupac in that regard)
Haha, yeah my bad yall. I was just kinda hype when I heard this, some real as hip hop. That would explain the typo I guess. This is proof that Joe is undeniably one of the greats. If this is a taste of what's to come from Budden on the SH album... WHOA and I can't WAIT is all I have to say!
Joe killed it.
Dope verse from Joe!

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