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Slur feat. Joe Budden - "Keep Staring"

Hope your day is going well & its nice to meet you I am an artist from Toronto Ontario I go by the name Slur.

I just released my debut album "Pills & Spilled Beer" for online stream.

Features from Joe Budden, Jonny Roxx (OVOXO) & Thomas Parent of Stratta

Album :

Direct link to song with Joe only :

Thanks for your time and hope to speak soon to people on the forum I am new here as you can tell but it seems like a fairly active board I plan to keep checking in

enjoy !

Your friend,

@Getslurred (twitter)
@Getslurred (instagram)
Dope record dude!!
Yea this is a real nice record, both MC's had nice verses. Keep up the good work homie!

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