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Anyone else think that HSG would slaughter this track?
The beat and general subject just seem perfect for a HSG (or even Slaughterhouse) freestyle to me.  Then again, I listen to a lot of Three 6 Mafia beats and can imagine COB flowing over many of them.  I like DJ Paul for what he is, but this track feels like it needs some actual wordplay and lyricism.

Anyone else see them working on this track?
i dont think it fits anything that they do whatsoever to be honest.theres nothing hiphop about the beat at all in my opinion.
It's a south, bass heavy beat, but, production-wise, it's all hip hop to me and, if anything outside the norm, I prefer it to the sound "My Life" or "Lighters" are moving things.  Probably more so Crooked, but it's not like they haven't freestyled over similar beats before.  Oh well, guess it's just me then.
@cysubtor I'd rather hear HSG over any Triple 6 Mafia beat, when compared to the crap from YMCMB that they been spitting over since late 2010, and to be honest all the music coming out of Louisiana has been bullshit, same goes for Florida, except for the stuff that Trick Daddy has released over the last few months, I'm glad to see most of ATL saying the same, and almost all of Tennessee's rappers haven't given in to the mainstream bullshit that is considered Hip Hop nowadays.

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