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Ride Or Die Chick

[ chorus - Capone ]

I need me, a ride or die, chick that will let that shottie pop, hold me down when im at a time no lie, tell me are you really that ride or die. Hey, hey, hey, hey, are you really my bonnie ma, hey, hey, hey, hey... Are you really that ride or die.

[verse 1 - Capone]

Baby girl imma just be honest, im looking for a cookie johnson, im lookin for the chick that got one of my ribs and im wonderin what she promise, to never be willin to snitch if ever im in a pinch or in a twist and could honest - ly see yourself with a nigga like me cause wifey would be the accomplice. Adrenaline rush, I think im in love and i think im in lust, she's down to ride, the minute we fuck aint nuthin like a criminal with a feminine touch thats her, shes got a college degree, a top model and she really down to ride in streets, she got a problem with whoever got a problem with me, she independent but she also wanna follow my lead,

[verse 2 - Dice]

Thats all that i need, a women that ballin with me, and she toughen up all the other bitches all on my team, she the, star of my team, and she gotta sering, and all you niggas think you ballin but she out of your league, i know she got me, and all them other niggas that dont seem happy, they dont keep mad and she got the C.O.B tat on her back and she call me daddy, pullin up in a drop top McLaren, with a bad bitch that's top notch and yeah they all stop and stear like i shot the sheriff, if you fuck with it i'll pop the Garrin-cha, i need a good wife to conta, cook like a mama but look like Rihanna, columbianas kill just like Zeldana, dope look now but the hook's right behind yuh!


[verse 3 - Luciano]

I got a bad ass chick, that's that shit, when ever i need she gon let me have that shit, yall know what i mean, she statin her low by her jeans but she not know half that shit, uh, she put it down in the streets for me even even if shes for me, even if police throw me in cuffs, she get rough, when the heat's on me blast that piece for me she even breathe for me, it's noth-in, she hella popper flyer than a helicopter call her ma-Michelle Obama mixed with LaLa, but she not with that metal drummer i don't need to be in hell in maruajana little mama hello kitty  Ah, ah. Ever since i've been around her, people ask me how i found her, i might have to wedding gown her, i'll be hitting her hard, i'll be Chris Brown her. She my jet fuel, i would'nt be fly without her,

[verse 4 - Kenny]

I deny to doubt her, if i keep her i'll live a life without her, when i'm all weeded and i need to be supplied, she'll pull out purse, she across me like an outburst, before she send tourettes, no servent but she's worser than me yes, she heard em' and she merk em' in that dress, the perkiest of breasts, Im certain that her trunkin' is the best, she got my name in cursive on her flesh. K-E- double N-Y, she gets attention as soon as she hits the scene, like a Mercades bubblin' style, she's up for everyting down for anything, I guess the world she takes many swings, fightin' with me till' the last round, compare her to the act of sit she's just ass down.


-sorry for any mistakes.
i didnt read them all yet, but CAPONE he knows
This could have been a single in my opinion.
mind boggling  Big Grin

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