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Horseshoe G.A.N.G - She said Lyrics
Hey everyone

before posting the lyrics, please correct me on the place where it needs to be since I can't figure it out. I'm from Holland and did my best to write them down, might be a bit off, but here it is.


Now When it comes to that kitty
imma stick it like i poked ya
beat it on my sofa call your home girl
see if she wanna come over
I eat like I Vulture
but it's like i'm jewish i'll only eat it if it's kosher
Girl have you ever felled euphoria
i'll take you 4 of your friends
A few more of your kin, you more than a ten
im trying to score at ya
But you can be my wife pound signed #true story ehh
Im trying to get my money right
Im not trying to fall in love tonight
Baby if you wanna fuck tonight
then we can leave this club alright
Can I roll with your crew
I love the way you your rocking your open-toe shoe
You know you want to show me your lingerie
You and vicky got a secret i wanna know too.


Yo she said imma ball with you
And she said our friends roll into
And she said imma do what you like
Im gonna fuck tonight i put that on the shoe-gang
I said thats whatsup
Your fly is a spurt now trying to catch you up
She heared about my dick ain't worth a mouth
She wanna ride with a legend no acura
But a few things she need to know know
speaking off my do
we ain't speaking on the phone no none of that
If we freaking in the mall
Gotta keep it on the low
If im giving you the pole you'll be coming back
I got bitches that stick and stay come
You can ask my nigga K-young
You can try to find a nigga with my bitches
but it really ain't one
My dicky ways tons when i hit em they sprung


Girl go and get the globe
The only i want you to put on is a show
Forget E we could both get a bowl
And you can twist trees if you want in a row
But the only thing I really want you own is the flow
Be my provident and hop on to my pole
And since I'm a boss you should work for me
And only take off when you want to disrobe
I can whip that cat yo tame her
your lady wanna F with me and i don't blame her
But if she don't go down I will bang her
I call those women nobrainers
I drink like the Irish but I never wore no kilt
I feel like I'm walking across the floor on stelts
its almost like me and my fitted is having a competition
to figure out which of us is more on tilt


Yo i'm balling like i'm koby
You balling like a (sixman)(Sexman)
Maybe that's the reason
that i'm calling with your vixen
My dick will expand into a kickstand
Now i'm following her quicksand
I'm in her garden like a knicks-fan
For obvious reasons I call the pussy the garden of Eden
Not eat it, now swallow my semen
I beat it up right man
And then I eat it up and then I skeet it up
Than do the Beat it up right Dance
I'm a rapper that Moonlight as a pornstar
Because on camera I do dikes in a foreign car
They call me mister dicktastic
Chick(en)(and) get passed sick
but I drop dimes like a pointguard
Because it's on the the motherfucking next now
I'm looking for a slut I can go fuck or Sex
Now I'm looking for a wife to make sweet ass love to
I dont give a fuck, thats what a G ass thug do
I eat it like a VULTURE.

I'll only eat it if its KOSHER

But you can be my wife POUND SIGN(#) true story ehh

its almost like me and my fitted is having a competition

Now I'm looking for a wife to make sweet ass love to
I dont give a fuck, thats what a G ass thug do
Thanks, edited.

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