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crooked lyrics in bio = xbox live ban :(
This email is to notify you that your Xbox LIVE account privileges have been temporarily suspended due to inappropriate content in the profile for your gamertag. The inappropriate content was discovered in the Motto, Bio, Location, Name and/or Personal Picture.

The following content for the gamertag associated with this Windows Live ID was brought to our attention and was determined to have violated the Code of Conduct and/or Terms of Use:

Bio    that c o b it mean Cash Over Bitches-Crip Or Blood-Conducting Organised Buisness-Circle Of Bosses-Cartel Of Ballers-Cursing Out Broads-Crossing Over Bridges-get the picture 
i don't have this problem with my nintendo entertainment system

Better take the COB emblem off my Black Ops 2 avatar then.
Its because you had bitches in ya bio, no swear words allowed

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