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Horseshoe G.A.N.G - Real Talk {Dice's verse}
I'm from a place where enemies keep glocks exploding,
So a bum beef in parks without naustic coating,
Watch the prophets you clock, or your guap get stolen,
Protect yourself at all times, I dont mean cops and trojans,
Cops patrollin n raiding shit,
niggas without electricity get it turned on themselves,
Raiden shit-
You gotta have a strong will to escape the shit,
Coz success is related to Will, like Jayden smith,
I'm married man, the hustle games my bitch,
Dedication is the apron that holds down a relationship,
I told her you belong with me, Taylor Swift,
Pesistence is a virture like patience is!
My niggas trying to get major rich selling green planks,
Selling out the garden like when major teams play the nicks,
I'm from where niggas end up in jail at the Morgue,
Fallen soliders live by, and fail by the sword,
If hammers are everything except nails through a board,
People holla bought college but yells get ignored,
Hustlers got no focus to hell with a thought,
People pushing whips, you wonder who the hell could afford,
More souls get sold then hell could afford,
Cops watching everything, but fail to record,
Police brutality, the streets is amity-ville,
I see calamity, what i speak is actually, real,
I'm speaking vanity, i need a piece of sanity,
But i'm tryin to feed my family, even if people have to be, KILLED!
Real recognize real and you don't seem familiar,
If the truth hurts, then what i speak would kill ya!
Life is hard infact damn right unfair,
But im a winnin homie damn right fuck yeah,
I'm livin like I don't have one care,
But i'ma stay drawn til i'm room mates with the man upstairs,
Kobe sing!  8)

I got bored and realized, hey, i'm a member, i can post shit lol. Hopefully I got this right.
Let me know if there's any mistakes.

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