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Horseshoe G.A.N.G - Sunglasses and Advil {not finished}
Last night i don't remember shit,
All I remember's that I don't remember shit,
Empty bottles, empty vowels,
Plenty models, ran plenty miles,
You would've thought I was runnin a relay,
Teenage girls passin my bitton to their team mates
Im buzzing like a mother fucking beehive,
Im faded like my junior high levi's!
And the rest was all black,
She recognize me but i dont recognize back,
Head thumpin, nose all stuffed,
Bed covered with some hoes on trust!
Kinda scary coz all i see is the cloths, scattered,
But I dont see no condoms on the floor, or rappers,
Shakin off my weekend coma,
Grabbed my backpack and in reached in my

Sunglasses and advil, Sunglasses and advil,
Sunglasses and advil, Last night was mad real x2

I'm in my bedroom over, I put on my shades before that light section,
Like the hat of a cold minor i'm light headed???
I woke up with a stripper on my lap man,
What she was doing had me considering that lap dance,
Last night I was rammin in that kitty,
My dick was examining that kitty call it cat scan,
I brought alot of kegs, she brought her best friend,
She in collage man, she got the best head,
She a henny sipper, her friends a titty licker,
She was by the {??}, her friend was breast fed,
Now wheres my advil, head heavy, anvil,
Like I carry 10 times my weight I know how that scale,
Im disorientated, ironically, I become
more of a colorful person the more i get faded!
We party hard on some project X shit,
Only way I get rest is with my

{Chrous x2}

Last night was mad willin, I was mad chillen,
Feelin on bad chicks, call that a bad feelin,
Full of glass fillen, full of actin a fool
and ass full of ass fillen whats ass for a villan!
I woke up using the girls as my pillow,
Condom on don't know who i smashed but it's still on,
Tryin to figure out whos number this is on my hand

(okay i'm too high to finish this off, i had the rest of the song already on a notepad, sickest colab verse by dice and capone, if only slaughterhouse could work together like horseshoe g.a.n.g do.)

We the only sobers niggas but we can't go to sleep,
We remember everything man you ain't gon' relieve,
Nothing but scattered ass, dames on their knees,
Doing sick things that they tried to blame on the E,
Bitches sayin "I don't know what came over me.."
That was me, when I fucked around and came on her cheeks,
Now it's lookin like we tryin' to film Hangover 3,
Bitches on the track trying to run a train on me,
.. Ice at the mouth,
Louchie had the ice in the bottom of the cups,
Plus Kenny had that herb lit,
But it all started when Dice told the first bitch...
"Come here, damn you got ass ma,
You assmatic, I'm a crack addict, ask mwah"
But you told them "Man you look mean in that coach"
You mad fly, thats why they all brought their ass by!

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