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Official PWT "Hip Hop Daily" Thread (March 2013)
P.W.T. - Hip Hop Daily

All single Download links are no longer active. Full Mixtape will be available April 1st
Nice! Can't wait for the whole tape!

I'll sticky the thread for you.
(03-01-2013, 05:20 PM)PWT503 link Wrote:Check it i was looking threw my music that i have and realized i have a bunch of music both new and old. So for the month of march i will be releasing and re releasing a track every day. At the end of the month i will make every track available to download at once in the form of a mixtape called #GetToKnowMe. 

P.W.T - #GetToKnowMe - Track 1 - Intro -

Not bad I'm going to try and check this out for at least the first week, it's notoriously hard to get me to even give people a listen, hell I slept on the HSG for over 4 years before finally opening my damn eyes

Really loved Displacement back in the day and this intro wasn't half bad
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Haha my dude P Dub bouta 1Up Crook this month
Day to has been posted look at the top of the thread
Thank you sir! #COB
just so yall know as part of this series i just started i will be re releasing some songs that i have already dropped on the boss board. So when you see them dont be like "hey you already realeased that one" I know im re releasing old stuff cuz a lot of my newer fan base has yet to hear it. So i thought i would drop everything i got in  the form of a mixtape that way after this month going forward when fans ask me 'were can i hear your music?" i can be like check out this mixtape and #GetToKnowMe
day 3 is up
Well you're three for three so far...


 Defective Crooked I Robot
Just a heads up, I'm also updating the news post on the front page with each installment so that the series is available in two places.

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