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Yes, smoking is cool and sexy
3 16.67%
No, smokers are jokers
7 38.89%
I used to but I quit
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I only smoke rocks
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I love weed!!
7 38.89%
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Does anyone smoke cigs?
Like the title says, do you enjoy the occasional puff on a cancer stick?

I'm 20 years old and have smoked since I was 14 but I've decided that today will be the day I quit. Anyone else quit before and have any words of wisdom that you would like to share?

Yeah, man  I been smoking almost 10 years now, can't believe it now that I think about it. It's about time I quit though, I'm really trying to watch my health these days. Not to mention they are getting so expensive now where I live.

Good luck on quitting, it IS possible, I've seen it before, LOL. Actually I quit once for 6 months and some how folded one night. Sometimes it's hard to quit cold turkey, but I really think the key is don't smoke the first cigarette in the morning. I can go pretty long without one, but once I have my first one it's a wrap. I've also heard people say if you can't quit on the spot, limit your self to a couple a day and only take a few puffs then toss it. Have you thought about the gum or patch or anything?

Damn, you sound exactly like me. I also quit for 6 months but then me and my boys went on a trip up to the snow and I gave in, dumbest thing I'd done since I started smoking.

I know what you mean about the first cigarette of the day too, sometimes if I've got shit to do I won't have one till the afternoon and it won't really phase me but once that first ones out the way I gotta have them regularly.

I think the actual nicotine cravings won't be overly hard since I know what to expect having quit before, it's just that smoking becomes such a habitual thing to do and there's so many everyday activities that I just can't imagine doing with out smoking.

But yea, prices are getting ridiculous and I figured the longer I smoke the harder it's gonna get to quit. Plus I remember how cool it felt to look at someone smoking and think "I can't believe I used to do that shit". Knowing my luck though, I'll quit and then catch swine flu and die lol.
does shisha/hookah count?
only smoke about 3 a week or none at all and only get high once or twice every month theres no point smoking a lot you get addicted and it fucks youre life up which i don't want to do!
I smoke them very occasionally
At parties when im drinking ill smoke them, but at home nah never
I really dont like smoking when im sober, i hate the smell , aftertaste and comedown from it.
I love the headrush but I feel its not worth the health effects.
Yeah I don't know how I got hooked on them, I guess it's just cause all my friends were and it was hard to avoid. It doesn't make sense cause even though I smoke them all the time, I hate the smell and hate people smoking around me... go figure, LOL!
all my friends either smoke or have smoked before, but the funny thing is i never once in my life took a hit from a dart. now weed on the other hand.......lmao
(05-03-2009, 11:35 PM)ThaHolyChronic link Wrote:all my friends either smoke or have smoked before, now weed on the other hand.......lmao

I added that option.
I have officially been a non smoker for 24 hours 8)

This fucking sucks Sad

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