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Official Komplex "Redemption" Thread (Now Available)

[Image: komplex_redemption.jpg]

Quote:After much anticipation, Treacherous C.O.B.'s in-house producer Komplex has released his sophomore instrumental album Redemption. The project features sixteen brand new instrumentals that illustrate the Los Angeles based producer's highly diverse style. Fans who are interested in checking out the new album can visit The DJBooth to download or stream it for free.

If you are interested in learning more about Komplex and his music, please follow his official Twitter account. As always, readers can continue to visit The B.O.S.S. Board for additional news updates.

Track List

1. Regeneration
2. Psalm
3. Salvation
4. Motherland
5. Zion
6. Equality
7. Cosmos
8. Creation
9. Eternal
10. The Divine
11. Redemption
12. The Messiah
13. The Prophecy
14. The Scripture
15. Trinity
16. Gospel

Download / Stream:

Can't believe there isn't more people (especially here on TBB) talking about this or komplex's ressurection album...or his production period!
Komplex is seriously an underrated and underappreciated producer!
When is slaughterhouse gonna stop bullshiting and hit kompo up for some beats instead of fucking with them subpar producers (that they worked with) with their mediocre ass beats!?! lol
Sorry, almost came close to turning this into a rant XD

ANYWAYS, i loved the hell out of ressurection album. Definitely looking forward to this!  Smile
I feel you man. Komplex really evolved into an insane producer since we first heard him years ago. I like how he hasn't been afraid to experiment with his sound and step outside of Hip Hop. People are really sleeping.
almost done listening to his first instrualbum. I think its dope.  Lots of great tracks.  If i'm wrong i think in one of them he samples something out of the 28 days later/28 weeks later movie soundtrack.  i'm pretty sure thats where i heard it before.  I think the COB camp are the dopest doing it right now but i do agree he needs to branch out and do more work with other artists.  and I honestly wouldn't mind him doing a full length projects on his own.  he did a great job with the stuff he did one-2's latest release.
Check out the new project on July 12th on The DJ Booth.
(07-08-2013, 05:56 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:Check out the new project on July 12th on The DJ Booth.

one of my artists is actually using a couple of beats off the komplex resurrection tape, so hopefully theirs a few more on this tape she can use to on her upcoming mixtape
The album is now available to download!!
Don't sleep on this people, Komplex is a beast!
(07-12-2013, 06:08 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:Don't sleep on this people, Komplex is a beast!


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