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Eminem - RELAPSE

Insane album
damn where did the lnik go can you send it me in PM please.
Not a huge fan of Em but this album has some bangers
I really like Dres beats
been playin this all day...seems pretty nice...
Imagine Crooked I and Dres beats!
Too bad he waste them on Em who imo is good but just anit as good as Crooked
yo can anyone send me the link??????
It was an alright album. Only 1 or 2 memorable songs, the rest were pretty average.

Dre fell off in my opinion. There's not one beat on the whole album that made me go "wow". Which on an album with a 100 billion dollar budget is pretty unacceptable. I hear underground albums everyday that have better beats, sure they lack that sound of 'perfection' that Dre always delivers but fuck it.

6/10. Best songs are Deja Vu & Underground.
First listen I was well disappointed. Second not so much.

But overall, I dont think this is anywhere near his best work, so m left wanting more. Couple of decent tracks, nothing that outstanding though.

I like some of the Dre beats, they dont have the wow factor but just picture SH on these beats. They would be ripped to pieces!

I didnt like the fact that most tracks are kind of 'fun' tracks. There is nothing too serious or deep tracks.

Been waiting on the album but this is the first Em album I wont be buying which Im actually annoyed by. I wanna support the artists I feel passionate about. I would not have even downloaded it and would have bought it 'blind' but the crappy singles with the annoying voices made me think twice and download first.
nah been bangin it now since the minute it leaked, album is sickkkk it grows on you.

at least half the tracks are nice.

1) stay wide awake
2) Beautiful
3) 3am
4) My mum
5) Insane
6) Deja vu

rest are ok.
underground, dejavu, old timers, my mum, 3am, insane are brilliant

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