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Eminem - RELAPSE
personally i think his flow is sick on stay wide awake..
I hate his voice the way he has changed it and he could have at least made a really lyrical track which he is known to be able to produce.
why did people hate encore?
(05-08-2009, 05:30 PM)PublicEnemyNo2 link Wrote: I like some of the Dre beats, they dont have the wow factor but just picture SH on these beats. They would be ripped to pieces!

yea man i know what u mean but to tell u the truth i dont want any dude thts mainstream right now to even come out rapping or producing for these dudes cuz when they was being hated on or just underground no one gave a shit about them and now since they getting alot of attention and hype mainstream artists will wanna hop on their music. i aint down with tht so personally i think wat sh is doing is amazing and they should keep pushin their movement themselves 
Quote: link=topic=827.msg255441#msg255441 date=1242269542]
why did people hate encore?

Because it was terrible.
really cool album, i enjoy it more and more as time goes
i liked it Smile what was bad with it?
(05-14-2009, 03:35 AM)Episcop DOC Cvrle link Wrote: really cool album, i enjoy it more and more as time goes

Yeah,, its grows on you more and more, yeh its commercial but at least he is bringing back the comedy aspect of hiphop, its a nice change from serious shit.

People dont like change thats all.

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