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Official COB TV Coming Soon To YouTube
SSUUTT SSUUTT! Whats up everyone? Crooked posted a pic on instagram a little earlier promoting, what I presume is, an upcoming youtube channel for COB.

The pic just said,

"{OfficialCOBTV} Coming Soon YouTube".

I am personally excited about this. I enjoyed the Slaughterhouse tour videos as they gave more insight into their lives,  which ended up being quite comical most of the time. I also like to see the COB Gang in the Mint Room when they release the snippets of new songs. Hopefully this new channel is a nice mixture of those two things plus much more. I feel like this will help spark conversation here on the BB similar to how the above mentioned videos and even HHW did. Hopefully something will be released on the channel fairly regularly.

Anyways, what do you guys think about this?

So I guess nobody cares?.....  :-\
I read this too, I just didn't really say anything about it, because I wasn't sure what kind of content we'll see on it.

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