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Horseshoe Gang feat. Kobe - "Story Of A Ghetto Boy"

Quote:Treacherous C.O.B.'s the Horseshoe Gang made their new album Top Ramen N!&&@ available for pre-order yesterday afternoon. While fans await the project's arrival, the group has released a new song to the Internet to build anticipation. The Horseshoe Gang's Story Of A Ghetto Boy is an uncut street saga featuring production by Komplex and an appearance by Kobe. Those who are interested in previewing the song can use the media player which has been included below.

Horseshoe Gang's Top Ramen N!&&@ is now available for pre-order through iTunes and fans are encouraged to show their support. In the mean time, please be sure to follow the group on their official Twitter page.

Not trying to be a nay-sayer because I'm a big fan of HSG, but I am not sure about this song. Parts of it are good, and I like the production, but I can't get with the whole mumbling nothingness to finish out the lines, or whatever they are doing in this song. They are too good of lyricists for that. Also Kobe seems like he is trying to be Future on this song?
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no worries.

At first the verses through me off as well, but after a second listen I actually was feeling it. It has a different kind of sound to it.

As far as Kobe, I thought he held it down as usual. He always goes hand in hand with Treacherous.
I liked it a lot !! Capone hittin us with that 9 on my hip ! Fire !!
Actually i like it when they do melodic shit , lol
dice verse was nice

the rest of this song is very forgettable and i will not purchase it.  HSG is falling off...they were a lot better 2-3 years ago.  now they just sound like every other rapper group with these wackass hooks over pop-rap beats.

Crooked made the right choice by leaving HSG for Slaughter lmao
Gave it another listen, this is really dope. I agree with DonErotikOn, the melodic flow is my favorite.

As far as HSG vs Slaughterhouse topic goes. The thing about HSG is - and I may be put on notice for this, lol, but I think they have better concept songs. We'll have to wait for the next SH album, but I feel HSG's songs more for the most part.
Hmmm... if it's about HSG vs SL well.. i think HSG are more raw with their lyricism and as of lately more melodic with this ish. I think they grow much more as a group in comparison to SL. It's like in SL you look for a verse from Joey/Crook or Royce while listening to HSG you want the whole shit cause of how all of them spit it and how they all connect, they are like Transformers, for real !

But like EFFeX said we have to wait for the next SL album...

I'm sure i will be buying Top Ramen... no doubt about it !
I really enjoyed it. Something different, yet well done. Song, rather than just a rap
this the first time in a song I actually don't like Kobe. The sound he is trying for just sounds weird. And HSG should just keep to rapping imo. They don't need to keep 'showing there versatility' I want the HSG to do what the thing that got me into there muzik and that's Killah flow, raw and lyricism. The beat is amazing. And is such a waste
couldn't have said it better myself Phil, you hit the nail on the head....

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