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Official Horseshoe Gang "Mixtape Monthly Vol. 4" Thread (Now Available)

[Image: hsg_mixtapemonthly_vol4_cover.JPG]

Quote:Another month is upon us and the Horseshoe Gang have returned to bless fans with their brand new project. On Mixtape Monthly: Vol 4 (Story Mode), the Horseshoe Gang once again demonstrates their unmatched rhyming ability. As with previous installments, the DJ Far hosted mixtape is available for download exclusively through DatPiff.

Fans are encouraged to show their support by following the Horseshoe Gang and DJ Far on their official Twitter accounts. In the mean time, please be sure to keep it locked for details on the Gang's upcoming album release.

Can't wait for this to drop
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Now available! Enjoy!
after blasting oxymoron for a while i was expecting some  spiritual, miracle, lyrical shit from these guys.  I was surprised they decided to do story tracks for this one.  I think kenny siegiel dropped a nomination for verse of the year for "If only for one night"  it sucks because the rest of the tracks on the mixtape don't even compare.  I was about to skip this track too because i can't stand his hooks.

West coast renegade, gone too soon and If only for one night are the only tracks i really was feeling.  as a mixtape i guess it's okay.  MMv3 is much better over all but Kenny has the best verse i've heard from him in a long time. he went the fuck in.  Hopefully when they do release another real album they will do more story telling tracks and ride the beat better over in house productions.
This is their best work to date in my opinion, up with during squad. Wish there was more deeper story telling, or like a plot twist kind of one. But brilliant. I think renegade got out renegaded as well!

Oxymoron I found disappointing as . I think I hyped it up to much before release, but really annoyed with it
@J.P i agree with you on "if only for one night" Siegel bodied that. Reminds me of that "say you ill" freestyle. Though i think if the whole mixtape was of that caliber i couldn't stand it. I listen to it about 5 or 6 times back to back. Thought my head was about to explode. There is so much to take in but dopiest shit i've heard in years.
I love the first verse on "How You Kill A Fuck Nigga"

And really like their take on Many Men(Waking Him Up) love the concept of the chorus

Love the story telling in Mirage

Overall it's dope front to back in my opinion

That said, I should really stop even giving my take on their projects until I don't like one it's been 5 projects in 5 months and I've liked every single track, I think it's safe to say that they make music I like, I can't even say that about Crooked
 Defective Crooked I Robot
i just listen to shoegang's mixtapes from front to back as if i'm watchin a movie. the only rappers that can absorb me like that!!!
Yeah, i was telling my lady it was like watching a movie. I felt like my mind was about to explode on a that kenny track "If only for one night"
Glad to hear that everyone is enjoying the mixtape so far!

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