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Help: All Horseshoe Gang mixtapes/albums...
Yo I was wonderin if anybody has a list of all Horseshoe Gang mixtapes/albums or if anyone of y'all can upload the mixtapes (albums I'm buyin so that don't need to be uploaded, plus I'm sure you wont upload that shit anyways haha)

Been fuckin with the Shoegang for  awhile but not that long. I dont think I have all their material. I'm sure I've missed some things...

What I've got:

Mixtape Monthly Vol. 1-5
Ambitions Az A Writer
Art of the Freestyles Vol. 6
R&B; Rap & Bitches

Gangsta MC
Top Ramen Nigga
Firing Squad
Opening Round EP and the original single version of Sunglasses & Advil?
It's all listed on this page -

The mixtapes are all available to download to registered members.
Thanks Effex.

Intelligence no I dont have that Opening Round EP and I havent heard the original S&A. I'ma check 'em out...

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