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Mixtape Monthly Forum Game
I mentioned this in another topic but I'll reiterate what I'm hoping to accomplish with this "game"

I am a huge fan of the Monthly Series but I don't have enough knowledge of Hip Hop to know every beat(or most beats for that matter). So I figured why not do one of those forum games where you answer the poster above you and then ask for the beat of a song you want to know the beat of, and I will take the answers and make a list in this post as we go along in effect creating a database of the beats used for MM, If people are interested cool, if not no big deal

So to get this started I will list a song with the original beat and ask for one I don't know(if you know all the beats just ask any one not done yet)

    Still waiting to get dissed & Been waiting to get dissed are over the beat Piggy Bank by 50 cent

I would like to know what beat is used for:

"Bags by the Door" off of Volume 10 (this one is driving me crazy)
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Not much buddy,

Thanks for that, you have no idea how much it was bothering me, I knew the beat and could hear Crooked's voice over it but just couldn't place it, funny enough I don't think I was hearing the Baby version I was hearing crookeds verse from his weekly over Mary Jane

I should probably leave this one for someone else but what the hell

I believe that "Leave Me Be" is Thank You By Dido(or Stan but it seems that Stan has an extra drum in there, though I could be wrong)

What instrumental is used for "Life is my Ghostwriter" from MM Vol 1
 Defective Crooked I Robot

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