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[Image: 10703878_10152277674556020_6103282237536...2ae61d7f2e]
It sounds like Nino might be sleeping on the Shoe Gang a little bit. It sounds like he's missed out on a lot of their material, because they most certainly make "real" songs.
It's too bad HSG are making songs like Blue on Black Crime and not "real songs" so they could get on a track with Nino Bless /sarcasm
 Defective Crooked I Robot
That's hardly a diss.
I guess it depends on how much he has actually listened to them, is he sleeping or talking of the two, they do make real songs, and aren't just "rappity rap overkill"

Personally I think he's just been sleeping on them but either way it's really not important
 Defective Crooked I Robot
(10-01-2014, 03:41 PM)ehbunner link Wrote:I guess it depends on how much he has actually listened to them, is he sleeping or talking of the two, they do make real songs, and aren't just "rappity rap overkill"

Personally I think he's just been sleeping on them but either way it's really not important

I am not really sure myself. I'd find it strange for him to straight up diss them as he's always had a good relationship with Crook. If I were Nino, I'd give the Shoe Gang another listen, he may not be giving them a fair shot.

You are right though, it's not really a priority for either party to work with each other, so it doesn't matter at this point.
^^Yeah I'm pretty sure he just has heard their features with crooked like drum murder and maybe horseshoe weekly, where they are all about bars, if he went and gave them an honest listen I really believe he would change his opinion on them making "real" songs

I don't think you can listen to songs like Liquor abuse, picture of anger, homeless, blue on black crime and not think they are real songs or consider them rappity rap overkill

I get it though it's easy to write people off and if you had only heard some of their features with crook and the select few you heard weren't your cup of tea then you would form an opinion whether it's true or not

Neither would really benefit all that much from a collab, and a beef would get about ZERO eyes on either side
 Defective Crooked I Robot
No diss whatsoever. He just gave his opinion on their topic matter. He's obviously wrong that doesn't make it a diss tho. But damn, on their last official release alone are three joints that are deep, reflective and with crazy ill concepts. Sometimes I cry yo, Dear ol' dad and Story of a Ghetto boy. He should feel free to top those.

"Where do I begin? I'm puzzled, where do I fit in?"

Capone's Tyson lines,

Dice's "so income's the excuse? - I wasn't financially fit. - in comes the excuse."

"Feel like Alicia Keys I grew up in Hell's Kitchen/wasn't dealt a good hand but I dealt with it/try to stay afloat, call me Michael Phelps, listen/better call me Michael P cuz the help's missin"

I rest my case.  8)

yo what is luck?

whatever luck is I doubt I know it. whatever luck is i'm down on it.
this bottle of jack daniels i down it now it seems i'm drowning the floor im down on it.

i've been down before
I know when i'm down. if you know when you down own it. laying down. loaded.
if luck is an app ill download it
it sounds foreign
wherever luck is I search around for it
all around town for it
if luck comes around every blue moon imma wolf ill HOWL for it.
i wanna be around for it.
round 4 its looking grim im down for the count
i gotta keep fighting for it. Im down for it

where is luck?
I keep hearing people tell me they lucked up so if I look up is luck up?
I think if lucks up luck is looking down on  me it can't come down luck is stuck up.

if you ain't genuine don't tell me to buck up shut the fuck up
yo cup run is over my bottle is empty. fuck cups.

im blessed tho
I know what blessings are
blessed is when you walk outside to no harm
blessed is when you look another person in the eyes and tell them have a good day with NO QUALMS
blessed is the man who walks not in the council of the wicked I quote psalms

Nah but I ain't lucky tho I ain't lucky

nah I ain't lucky
I come from a place full of men sinners and women sinners
if we paid more attention to sinners they wont be detension sinnners
youthfull sinners aging sinners
baby sinners no baby sitters
A land fiull of unwatched kids. questionable fathers. I question my pops too. pop quiz
but nah i'm aint lucky. if i'm lucky  look at the way luck did me.
Even tho I'm not lucky. I'm too blessed to say i'm unlucky. even  reluctantly.

nino bless is allowed to say his opinion. at times I agree. lyrical spiritual diaper bore me too. but this shit right here.  this shit right here.
Not really feeling Nino anyway, on the tracks he made with Slaughterhouse he came off the least tightest and even on other tracks I've heard him on he just bores me. HSG wouldn't benefit one bit by doing a track with anyway, he's not on their level lyrically and if anyone goes on about being the realist over and over its Nino.

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