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Horseshoe Gang's New YouTube Series Coming Soon
Horseshoe Gang will be launching a weekly YouTube series coming soon -

"New HSG YouTube series called "Walk in our Shoes"...a behind the scenes Look into the ShoeGangs Life Droppin Every Tuesday aka ShoesDay"

Not one to watch stuff like this usually, but I may have to just to see if anything about their album comes up
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Well that was nothing like what I was expecting but really interesting, Can't say I agree with any of them 100% and I think some of their thinking is off, mainly thinking they should be able to speak in slang and get a job, that IMO has nothing to do with race and everything to do with wanting good employees who speak properly if they deal with customers and even if they don't I think someone who speaks that way would give the impression of laziness, you can't even be bothered to say a full word.

But for the most part they all had good points of view, especially considering they grew up inside the beast. A couple of their points seemed completely crazy to me, first one that comes to mind is that Blacks speak english in this(well as a Canadian that) Country because it was beaten into them. Like are you really trying to tell me that if it wasn't for slavery black people wouldn't have came to America, black people still come to the States and guess what language they have to speak...ENGLISH. I mean really that was a new one to me, People go to the states from all over the world and yes they have to speak English

Anyway I'm getting off topic, it was really interesting to hear their points of view, given they have lived such different lives then I have...I think Julius had the best points of view

This video is a little depressing in the sense that it makes me think about the changes that need to happen to bring everyone together and you realize it's simply not possible. You'll always have people in ghetto's doing whatever it takes to survive and it just perpetuates itself
 Defective Crooked I Robot

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