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Horseshoe Gang "Walk In Our Shoes" (Part 3)

Quote:Once again, the Horseshoe Gang has returned with another installment of their Walk In Our Shoes web series. In this week's episode, the Shoe Gang is continuing their "Top 5" best rappers conversation in an effort to compile the perfect list. As with the previous video, several controversial topics were discussed such as the exclusion of Slaughterhouse as well as the inclusion of a few "modern" rappers. Additionally, the group debates specific artist's roles in Hip Hop as well as the different sub-categories within the Rap genre. Those who are interested in checking out the video can stream it online through the Horseshoe Gang's official YouTube page.

Please feel free to join in on the discussion by naming your personal "Top 5" rappers. Fans can share their thoughts by posting on our official forum or by leaving a comment below.

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