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Niqle Nut - "Gangbanging Ain't Neva Died" (Music Video)

Quote:Niqle Nut released his debut album Imperial through digital retailers in 2014 and is continuing promotion with a new music video. Recently, the Inglewood based emcee teamed up with director Phillyflyboy to film visuals to his single Gangbanging Ain't Neva Died. The result is a product that is strictly for the streets and not for the weak hearted. Fans who are interested in checking this one out can stream the video through Niqle's official YouTube page.

For more information on the Treacherous C.O.B. and Niqle Nut, please follow their official Twitter pages. Additionally, the Imperial album is available for purchase through iTunes and other digital music stores.

Follow: @Niqle_COB | @TreacherousCOB

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