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Thoughts on Horse Shoe Gang
I've always been a Horse Shoe Gang fan since their first album, these dudes are incredible lyricists who are massively underrated. However, their music never had a lot of replay value to me because it was mostly just dope lyrics with little substance. I'm the type of person who loves lyrics but when I am driving or listening to music in my headphones I want to relate to what the artist is saying. Lately I've become a massive HSG fan, I very rarely listen to anything but the Horse Shoe Gang over the past few months. All of the Mixtape Monthly's are diverse and incredible, especially Vol. 12. I had the opportunity to meet them during their current tour and take a picture with them (Debo actually took a picture and sent it to me on my phone because my battery was dying), they are very genuine guys who are very thankful for their fans. Julius was very appreciative when I told him I bought Firing Squad and all of the Mixtape Monthly CD's, they seem very humble and when I asked about "Knocking on Rap's Door" they said it was definitely coming out this summer. Anyway, I digress, my point is that these guys are consistently growing as artists and are putting out incredible music that's thoughtful and full of substance. I truly hope their fan base keeps growing because their discography is pretty lengthy at this point and they've definitely dedicated themselves to making a difference in Hip-Hop. What does everyone else think of their growth as artists??? Just listen to Gangsta MC then listen to MMV. 12 and the growth is mind-blowing. Oh and I have to mention, Kenny might be the greatest MC I've ever heard (besides Crook), I know that sounds a little dramatic but that guy has never spit a weak verse and his passion shines more than anyone else in my opinion.

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