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KXNG CROOKED feat. Eminem - "Welcome To Planet X"

Quote:KXNG CROOKED will release his brand new and long awaited album Good Vs Evil on November 11th. Now, with less than a week away from it's release, Crooked has unveiled one of the project's most anticipated records. On Welcome to Planet X, the KXNG is joined by none other than Shady Record's commander and chief Eminem who blesses the track with some guest appearance vocals. This song continues to touch on the social and political injustices that Crooked plans on exposing in his new album. However, Eminem and Crooked take listeners on a journey to an alternate reality in which history unfolds a little differently. Fans who are interested in previewing this highly creative record can stream it online now.

kinda dissapointed with em not spitting a verse, maybe he felt crook would slaughter him like he slaughtered jay on renegade lol
Yeah it would've been doper if Kxng Crooked had a 2nd verse on this for sure. One of my fav tracks on the album & a cool way to start it off.

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