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Kendrick Lamar - The Heart pt. 4 (Crooked I diss???)
I heard the new K Dot single yesterday and it sounds like its aimed at a few people like Jay Electronica but mainly directed toward KXNG Crooked.


Well, first why would Kendrick mention Glasses Malone? G Malone isn't as relevant as Crook is right now. (It's like he doesn't want to give Crooked props but would easily give kudos to G Malone)

Secondly, Kendrick already dissed Crooked on The Heart pt 3 (2012) when he says "I never screamed out the NEW WEST, I never believe it/they brought each other down, I was planning out my achievements"

What's ya'll thoughts tho?

Also, Crooked did recently diss Ab-Soul on the Cigar Boy Freestyle!
Crook never dissed Ab-Soul, Kendrick never dissed Crooked. You are just reaching for stuff that isn't there.
Kendrick never dissed Crooked or the "New West" back in the day.... but he was clearly saying that he wasn't a supporter of that New West cliche that all of the westcoast rappers were jumping on board with... unlike a lot of those dudes who were begging for hand-outs at the time, Kendrick was being given the co-signs and features by the guys like Game, Snoop, Dre, etc.

Crooked on the other hand WAS a supporter of the New West, for obvious reasons.... I'm not sure there is any other emcee of his caliber whom has been disregarded, overlooked, and ignored as much by his peers as him to this point. 
Crooked I came up with the NEW WEST and Kendrick said he "never believe it". That's not a HUGE diss but it is a jab or a shot in Crooks direction. Kendrick contradicted himself with those bars because he has shouted out the new west.

He even says he's "the future of the NEW WEST" in the second verse of this song below:


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