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Slaughterhouse - Fight Club (Hot 97 Rip)
Apparently Slaughterhouse made an unexpected appearance on Peter Rosenberg's Hot 97 show tonight. I didn't get a chance to record the show, because I wasn't notified in time, but did get to record them playing "Fight Club" on the air. Not exactly new music, but here's a nice MP3 for music collectors. Enjoy!

cheers effex Smile
u sure that this is them spitting live?
(06-15-2009, 03:23 AM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:u sure that this is them spitting live?

It's not supposed to be I don't think (I haven't heard it), I think it's just the song being played on the radio with the edits and such (hence the reason I haven't heard it)
No no, this isn't live. The interview was live, not the song. This is just the song being played on Hot 97, just thought people would like to have it since it's Slaughterhouse playing on the country's biggest Hip Hop station.

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