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Slaughterhouse Interview / Freestyle On DJ Green Lantern (06/15/09)
(06-16-2009, 12:50 PM)alphabet link Wrote:Video of the freestyle..

my god joell went in for 7-8 mins! 100% fire.

anyone know where those freestyles were from? (i.e. songs)
God damn Crooked had to recycle the same verses as usual. Was expecting some old shit and exactly what I got. Kinda disappointed in that but the rest was aight. It seems like Royce and Joell are always trying to improve their bars more than Joe and Crooked but it could just be me.
That video was great. Joell is a beast...definitely gain more respect for him every time I hear him spit.
Props on the video. Im getting a SH overdose I cant handle it!
I cant believe how good Joell was. By the way, Crooked nearly forgot the lyrics in his first few bars! How could he even do that, he must spit that freestyle in his sleep!! lol.

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