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Aight guys for school i got this report due and i was gonna write about 2 old school songs like pac big or anyone and compare them to modern day songs like rappers such as wayne and stuff and compare 2 songs from this generation to tht generation lyrically and i was thinking about using some of crooks songs any suggestions

i was looking for a song of him talking about issues in the world and what not u know? and any suggestion to what crapy songs i can compare it to today i was thinking a mili by wayne?
Hmm... I can't seem to think of too many off the head right now, but check out Crooked's songs:

Hip Hop Weekly 7 / Just The King
We Want Peace (Jihad)
I Wonder If The Lord Knows (Sir Aah)
Hip Hop Weekly 21 / Blueprint 2
Gangstas Holiday
Auphelia Payne
Rebel Radio
After Inauguration
If You Ever Hear Me
Nobody Understands Me
Leave Us Alone

Those are all I got right now, but I'm sure in some of those you'll find relevant lyrics. Biggie and Pac are good, but check out some stuff from Public Enemy and even some NWA / old Ice Cube too.
yea i just need some suggestions of what songs i could use cuz their are so many u can choose from im looking to get some tht are his best.

but props on the help

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