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Joe Budden Uncut Video Interview w/ Forbez DVD (06/15/09)
Check it out, Budden covers a lot of material...
Good post, thanks. Lol at the Method Man part! When will this die!
birlliant. i think crooked i should shut him up!
(06-23-2009, 12:43 PM)PublicEnemyNo2 link Wrote:will this die!

itwon't. People love the drama. without it things get boring. because there's nothing to talk baout. This probaly won't be the last we hear about this. this will keep geting brought up over and over by the radio staionds inteviews and press media.
First off, I am one of the biggest Budden fans on this site.  I generally like his verses more than most, and take his side when people talk about him.  However, people tell me all the time that he sounds arrogant and condescending.  In this interview, I finally saw it, and wow was it obvious!!  Still my favorite artist (3 way tie with royce and crooked), and still find his interviews compelling for the most part, but now I see what people are saying.....
Joe is the man, tht Mood Music is str8 ganja.I love it, good for pple goin thru tryin times. Tht song In My Sleep should b a Top 10 hit bt nowadays rap fans prefer jiggy ish.

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