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Royce Da 5'9" - Gun Harmonizing
New Royce Da 5'9" from his upcoming E.P. "The Revival" which drops on July 7th. This song is called "Gun Harmonizing" and is produced by Emile. Enjoy!

brap blat blapapa blaka brrr brat blat brrap blata
(06-30-2009, 02:28 AM)alphabet link Wrote:brap blat blapapa blaka brrr brat blat brrap blata

blat bat bat bat pop pop blapp batt paw blatm blrip blrip

But I'm excited for The Revival, I thought this was going to be on Street Hop.

Royce is the most consistent in the group right now
damn good lookign out!

a lot of music as i wake up, brilliant Smile
Surprised he leaked this.  Doesn't this ep only have 4 songs on it? 
YouTube link ya'll
Damn that track is dope as fuck, i think Emile should drop a beat for sh and kino royce got a crazy sound team.
Really hot track, don't know how I feel about the hook (lol) but it might be something that grows on you. Definitely interesting to say the least. I love Royce's voice.
best track ive heard since If U Ever Hear Me, Royce needs to hook Crooked with some of those producers hes working with cause they are insane, would love to hear crooked on remix of this one!

hey dalj good looking out on promoting the bossboard get some slaughterhouse fans who dont know where to go for updates

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