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Slaughterhouse - The One
(07-04-2009, 08:57 AM)DALJ link Wrote:I dont know why everyone is arguing for 2Pac was real hip hop but he stillhad tracks about fucking bitches EG How Do You Want It and more noticablly FAIR EXCHANGE!

He did, you're right, but How Do U Want was a deep track, that talked about a lot more than women.

Fair Exchange was never meant to see the light of day. Jazze Pha completely dropped the ball with that one on Better Dayz anyway.

Makaveli is the hardest album in the hiphop history, not about gangsta shit about the social/war shit. and you got tracks like "toss it up",to live & die in la & Just like daddy. don´t tell me that girls don´t like these records cause i seen it with me own eyes when the lawz rapped/played these records, the bitches losin they mind. Of course pac´s lyrics/ context are pac lyrics/ context. and guess what slaughterhouse lyrics/ context are slaughterhouse lyrics/ context with the single "the One" they want to capitalise good numbers for the album, OF COURSE IT´S ABOUT HIPHOP BUT ATTHESAME TIME IT´S ABOUT BUSINESS.
Only got a quick run through, busy at work, but I was slightly disappointed too. Not going to comment much on the song yet since I didn't get a good listen.

What I wish they'd do is a hip hop weekly style track (lyric wise) with beats similar to those but new. Alot of the beats getting made are just decent, or the style of an underground listener. Honestly, to really suceed you need those kinds of beats that when the volume is low and you can't hear all the words, the song is still a banger. Alot of people don't even pay attention to the lyrics until after they've memorized the song or heard it a ton of times, unlike alot of us who try to catch it all right off the bat. The words would just add to the hype of the song then. Plus alot of the tracks have always been kind of "aggressive". Personally, I like that style but it puts alot of listeners off since alot of occasional listeners prefer the softer type raps with deeper lyrics (etc. changes, I ain't mad at ya) or story style tracks (like BIG) rather than battle style punchline, metaphor raps constantly (especially since they usually don't catch them). Hopefully people know what I mean.
Im horrifically late on this one, Ive been abroad with a no access to this song! I checked the net in the hotel so knew it dropped but there was no sound available.

Im actually loving this song, shows there diversity I think. Top song.

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