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Royce Da 5'9" feat. Slaughterhouse - Warriors
amazing track!

and crooked i confirmed it? "Never threw a gun in the trash, but they call me Weapon Waste"

tooooo confusing lol

and only £2.45 from, but there are 2 sets of the revival there, not sure if one is explicit or not.
Fucking hell he saved the best 2 tracks until last they are fucking baaad just unbelievable!!!
Dope track, love all the styles we get from SH

 Defective Crooked I Robot
Just bought the EP now, Warriors is a classic, loved how they all went in twice. If this is a left over from the album, then my expectations for the album have just gone through the roof!!!
Listening to this track reminded me of watching Joey on blogtv when he said that he had 5 records in his e-mail with Royce & Crook verses on them. Also, it reminded me of the video of Ya Boy in the studio with Crook when he was recording his verse for a One-2 song. Crook told Ya Boy that Royce had just been out there(Treacherous studio). It seems to me that Crook & Royce rapped over this first & Joe & Joell recorded their verses later. Dope record.
Just found a new Royce 5'9 track featuring the rest of the Slaughterhouse crew called Warriors.  Go peep it on Youtube, its pure HEAT!!
It's already been posted actually and is in our "Music" section.

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