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Crooked I Inteview w/ All Hip Hop (10/28/09)
(10-28-2009, 07:02 PM)PublicEnemyNo2 link Wrote:Really good interview, interesting to hear about possibly making it a LP.

Bit disappointed that he still keeps putting off BOSS. Because he is now suggesting after another SH album, didnt we all agree he needed to drop this after the first???

I hear what you are saying.

At least we may be getting a full length LP in January regardless if it's titled "B.O.S.S." or not.
Mr Pigface Weapon Waist was a funny name for a little EP but shit's just stupid as an album title. Come up with something original.
(10-28-2009, 01:45 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:[quote author=Episcop DOC Cvrle link=topic=2624.msg262857#msg262857 date=1256728912]
[quote author=Mrs EFFeX link=topic=2624.msg262856#msg262856 date=1256728643]
na, he said he had to leave it off the EP, so it was probably the Raekwon track that was supposed to be on there

Oh I was reading too fast, my bad, I was thinking he said theres a song thats on EP and that it was the reason for the pushbacks, my bad, wondering which song was that, doubt it was Raekwon (that was removed cause of the beef i guess)

I assumed it was left off because of the beef too, but come to find out Joell Ortiz will feature Raekwon on his Free Agent project.

Yeah, I noticed that too. I'm glad that's the reason, and am optimistic about that song comin out soon.

So I was wrong about which SH member's solo project comes next? I doubt it. I'm guessing Crooked will do a pushback lol.

I think conceptually, B.O.S.S. and Pig Face are kinda similar as gangsta rap albums, so I dunno... I think Group Therapy needs to get knocked outta the park too.
far from schocked but still disappointed, man

been waitin for a full length solo for over 10 years...ok, u can't do anything about the death row material at this point but you've been off that label for 5 years, dawg...u cant give us B.O.S.S.?

release it as a street album (non official) shiiit, u can press up 1000 copies and sell them for $20 a pop as a collectors item n make 20k off it..instead of giving it away as a free download

never has any artist continuously disappointed me like this....FUCK!

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