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please help !!
guys my hard drive got burnt virus bshit i had 2 get a new 1 anyways i was wondering if any1 can give me a hand and make a zip folder of this is the list i need with the latest features missing in the list


-2 Pac feat. Crooked I - 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted (Nu-Mix)
-2 Pac feat. Crooked I & Trick Daddy - Still Ballin' (Remix)
-Balance feat. Juice & X.O. - New West
-Barrington Levy feat. Crooked I, Snoop Dogg, Crooked I, Daz Dillinger & Soopafly
-Blue Sky Black Death feat. Crooked I, Ras Kass & Odious - Elevate
-Boo Ya Tribe feat. Crooked I & Eastwood - Take Yo Fade
-Bulletz feat. Crooked I, Tekneek & AK - So Gangster
-Burnz feat. Crooked I - Clap Back
-Camino feat. Crooked I - Ridin' On Dubz
-Ca$his & Young De feat. Crooked I & Royce The 5'9 - Clear The Room
-Chamillionaire feat. Crooked I - Everything
-Charlie Baltimore feat. Crooked I, Black Child & Cadillac Tah - Show Down
-Chino XL feat. Crooked I - Tap Dancin'
-Clap Cognac feat. Crooked I - Checkin' U
-Conyiac feat. Crooked I & Clap Cognac - Take A Chance
-Copywrite feat. Royce The 5'9 & Crooked I - Shinin'
-Daz Dillinger feat. Crooked I & Lil C-Style - Bang On Em (Remix)
-DJ Revolution feat. Crooked I, Styliztik Jones & Bishop Lamont - Funky Piano
-Dogg Pound feat. Crooked I - Gangsta Rap
-Dylan feat. Crooked I - Bad Boy N Death Row
-Dylan feat. Crooked I - Cali Drinkin'
-Evidence feat. Montage One, Mitchy Slick, Big Twin, Diz Gioran, Stylistik Jones, Krondon, Rakaa Iriscience & Crooked I - Beats Like This
-Fatsoe feat. Crooked I - Monster
-Fox West feat. Crooked I - Get Money Grind
-Grafh feat. Crooked I - Chew Em Up
-Haze Entertainment feat. TQ & Crooked I - Legends
-Horse Shoe Gang feat. Crooked I - Ride With Me
-Horse Shoe Gang feat. Crooked I - The Cypher
-Hot Dolla feat. Crooked I & 40 Glocc - I Can Dance Under Water
-Immortal Technique feat. Crooked I & Chino XL - Lick Shots
-Insytful feat. Crooked I - Killing Shit
-Ja Rule feat. Crooked I & Eastwood - Connected
-Jadakiss feat. Crooked I & Big Lou - From Now Till Then (Fan Remix)
-Jay P feat. Crooked I - Holding My Chain
-Juice feat. Crooked I & Hell Razah - Halos
-Juice feat. Crooked I - I Do It
-Juice feat. Crooked I - Interlude
-Juice feat. Crooked I & Roccet - The W
-K-Young feat. Crooked I, One-2, Jayo Felony & Big Syke - So Trecherous
-K-Young feat. Crooked I - You're So Bad
-Koncreto feat. Crooked I, Q.P., TQ & B-Legit - Legends
-Kontroversy Commitee feat. Crooked I - Sounds Like Money
-Kurupt feat. Daz Dillinger, Crooked I & Soopafly - I Ain't Shit Without My Homeboyz
-Kurupt feat. Crooked I, Xzibit & Daz Dillinger - Step Up
-LG feat. Crooked I - Follow Me
-Lil Bam feat. Crooked I & Jerzey J - G Music
-Lil Beau feat. Crooked I, Dresta & Low Lifes - Bitch Stories
-Lil Fats feat. Crooked I - I'm Hot
-Low Life Gangstas feat. Crooked I - Gz Come Out At Night
-Luniz feat. Crooked I - Girl
-Lyvproof feat. Crooked I - I Remember
-Macadoshis feat. Mac Lucci & Crooked I - Boss Angels
-MQ3 feat. Crooked I - Everyday (Remix)
-Mykestro feat. Crooked I, Jelly Roll & Bokie - Suicide
-Mykestro feat. Crooked I & Coniyac - Bar Hop
-NameBrand feat. Crooked I - Who Dem Boyz
-NameBrand feat. Crooked I & Hopp - Won't Give In
-One-2 feat. Crooked I - Shoot To Kill
-One-2 feat. K. Young, Crooked I, Big Syke & Jayo Felony) So Treacherous [RMX]
-One-2 feat. Crooked I - The Mutha Fuckin' W
-One-2 feat. Crooked I - Two Of The Best
-Outlawz feat. Crooked I - All You Haters
-Phathom feat. Crooked I, Chino XL & Canibus - Collateral Damage
-Q.P. feat. Crooked I - Flatline
-Q.P. feat. Crooked I & G Malone - The Introduction
-Ras Kass feat. Crooked I, El Dog, Spider Loc, 40 Glocc & Cali Casino - We Run The Streets
-Roc C feat. Crooked I & G Malone - Gangsta
-RZA feat. Crooked I, Method Man, Jayo Felony, WC & E-40 - We Pop (Remix)
-Scram Jones feat. Crooked I, Saigon & Nino Bless - Third Degree
-Slaughterhouse feat. Crooked I - Onslaught
-Slaughterhouse feat. Crooked I - Slaughterhouse
-Sly Boogy feat. E-40, Jayo Felony, Mack 10, Crooked I, Kurupt, Rosoe & 2 Pac - California (Remix)
-Sly Boogy feat. The System, Crooked I & Kam - Keep On
-Sly Boogy feat. Crooked I - Watch Ya Back
-Smooth Vega feat. Crooked I, Royce The 5'9 & Sinful - Not What You Think
-Soopafly feat. Crooked I & Daz Dillinger - Can I Git A Bucc
-Sparkdawg feat. Crooked I - Thug From Around The Way
-Syndicate Villian feat. Crooked I - Greedy Eyes
-Techniec feat. Crooked I & Domino - Ego Trippin'
-The Game feat. Jim Jones & Crooked I - Get Gunned Down
-The Realest feat. Crooked I & Swoop G - Drunk Driving In My Glass House
-The Realest feat. Crooked I & Ambrosia - Pressurez Of Man
-The Relativez feat. Crooked I - California
-Tip Top feat. Crooked I - We Playaz
-Trey C feat. Crooked I - Prove Them Wrong
-Ya Boy feat. Crooked I & Brooklyn - 2 Of The Best
-Yukmouth feat. Crooked I & E-40 - California G's
-Yukmouth feat. Crooked I - Wake They Game Up
-XL Middleton feat. Crooked I & Black And Mild - Major


C-Style Presents: Straight Outta Cali (1998)
2) Black Pussy - Dresta, MC Eiht & Crooked I
4) Way Cool - Mr. Tan, B-Legit & Crooked I
6) King Pin - Kurupt, Crooked I, Jay Money & Tray Dee
14) Don't Test Me - Crooked I, Tray Dee, Legacy & Jay Money

C-Style Presents: 19th Street LBC Compilation (1998)
3) Lil Tip, CoCo Loc, Shorty K, Crooked I & Sho Shot - Stay Out Of L.A.
6) Success Before I Die - Legacy, CoCo Loc, Lil Top & Crooked I
7) Rap Killer - Lil Tip, Shorty K, Lil J, Crooked I, Techniec, Tray Dee & J Money
9) Jackin' 4 Flows - 19th Street, CoCo Loc, McGruff, J Money, Crooked I & Diceman
11) Gangsta Gangsta - Legacy, Crooked I, Sho Shot, Tray Dee & J Money
14) Servin' & Swervin' - Legacy, Shorty K, Lil J, Crooked I & Sho Shot
15) Bounce To This - J Money, Crooked I, Sho Shot, Bo Roc & Amber Davis
17) Ashes To Ashes - Lil Tip, Shorty K, Lil J & Crooked I
18) One Ninein' - 19th Street, McGruff, J Money, Techniec, Crooked I & Diceman

Dysfunktional Family OST (2003)
1) Still Tha Row (Remix) - Crooked I & Virginia Slim
3) Dysfunktional Family Theme - Crooked I, Eastwood & Danny Boy
6) We Ballin' - Eastwood & Crooked I
7) Who Wants To Fuck Tonight - Crooked I, Eastwood, Danny Boy & Ja Rule
14) Get Off The Block - Crooked I & Phobia
16) I Thought U Knew - Crooked I, Eastwood, Danny Boy, Eddie Griffin & The Dramatics

Escape From Death Row (1999)
5) Do Your Thing - Crooked, Ric & Hit From The LBC
6) Uh Oh - Crooked I & Silva Satin

Irv Gotti Presents Tha Inc (2002)
14) The Next Niggaz - Black Child, Caddillac Tah, Chink Santana, Crooked I, Dave Bing, Eastwood & Ronnie Bumps

Irv Gotti Presents Tha Remixes (2002)
13) Baby (Remix) - Ashanti & Crooked I

Ride OST (1998)
8) Crooked I, Snoop Dogg, Techniec & Lil' C-Style - Feel So Good

Sway And King Tech Presents: Back To Basics (2005)
11) Watch What You Do - Crooked I
19) I Love The Ghetto - Crooked I & Tracy Lane
20) Hit The Deck (Outro) - Crooked I

Sway And King Tech Presents: This Or That (1999)
12) Underground Tactics - Heltah Skeltah, Planet Asia & Crooked I

Sway And King Tech Presents: Wake Up Show Vol. 5 (1999)
1) New Intro - Ahmad, Chali 2na, Crooked I, Kurupt & Mos Def
10) Freestyle - Crooked I

Sway And King Tech Presents: Wake Up Show Vol. 6 (2000)
5) Crooked I VS Chino XL - Crooked I & Chino XL

Sway And King Tech Presents: Wake Up Show Vol. 7 (2001)
1) The Anthem 7 - Black Sppoks, Crooked I, Planet Asia, Ahmad & Ras Kass
2) Murdering MCs - Crooked I

Too Gangsta For Radio (2000)
3) Gangsta Rap (Remix) - Crooked I, Treach & Scarface
11) Death Rizzo - Crooked I

Exclusives, Leaks & Remixes

-Banger On My Lap
-Boom Boom Clap (Remix) feat. Horse Shoe Gang, Mykestro & Coniyac
-Bounce On You
-Bucc Town
-Clik Clak feat. Latoya Williams
-Coast Control
-Cold Game (Snippet)
-Crook In Me feat. Nate Dogg
-Crookz N Doggz feat. Snoop Dogg & Tech9ne
-Crooked Go Hard
-Dear Tupac
-Death Rizzo (Remix)
-Death Row Story
-DJs And MC's
-Dollaz In My Hand
-G'd Up & Banged Out
-Gangsta's Holiday
-Gotta Get Tha Paper
-Hip Hop Weekly 4: Second Coming (Komplex Remix)
-Hip Hop Weekly 4: Tuck Ya Ice (Komplex Remix)
-I've Suffered Too Long
-It's All Hip Hop
-Jack 101 (Snippet)
-Lean Like Me
-Leave Us Alone
-Livin' In The Hood
-Me Against The World feat. 2 Pac & Young Red
-Mill Out The Deal
-Move Out My Way feat. Rick Rivera
-My Life
-New West Anthem (Remix) feat. Juice
-Niggas Got Game
-Nobody Understands Me
-Rap Or Die (100K Battle)
-Respect Your OGs
-Say Dr. Dre
-So Damn Hood (Remix) feat. Sisqo & Juvenile
-Str8 Bosses
-Str8 Bosses (September 7th Remix)
-Swagger Like Us (Acapella)
-Tha Row Dot Com
-The Truth
-Welcome To Cali feat. Mack 10 & Sly Boogy
-You Ain't The Homie feat. Daz & Kurupt


-2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted Freestyle
-7 Habits Freestyle
-8 Miles & Runnin' Freestyle
-Avila Brothers Freestyle
-Crooked I & Charles Hamilton Freestyle
-Did You Ever Think Freestyle
-Educational Knowledge Freestyle
-Grindin' Freestyle
-Hero Freestyle
-LA City Freestyle
-Let Me Show You Freestye feat. Ahmad, Chali 2na, Kurupt & Mos Def
-Rap Industry Freestyle feat. Young Dice
-Respect Freestyle
-Roscoe Umali, Sylenz & Crooked I Freestyle
-We Belong Together Freestyle
-We Fly High Freestyle
-Westside Story Freestyle
-You Don't Know Freestyle
Reply, it's cool if anyone wants to help out with this list, but please remember, no copyrighted sharing on the forum please.  8)
Hey Bullet, Nice to see you joining us!!

Thats a huge list and I now feel lucky that I brought myself a spare 500g HD and copied all my Crooked I stuff over.

Problem is it will take me ages to upload all them tracks again! You can get most of them from my Divshare folder and I think SnakeEyez still has a massive one going around too.

Turns out there is no folder anymore so you will just have to go through the list of tracks from that link and find the ones you want.
(01-15-2009, 08:56 PM)BIGG Pene link Wrote: Thats a huge list and I now feel lucky that I brought myself a spare 500g HD and copied all my Crooked I stuff over.

Just reading this post today made me update my backup hard drive today in the event of such a crash.

That's got to hurt, my condolences, homie!
this might help you out!!

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